In December 2021 my nephews were intent on finding me a dog as I was going through some Covid and personal depression. So, we headed down to the SPCA and there were no small dogs. They saw one named “Pumpkin,” but he was on his way to being adopted… so I moved on.

I shelved looking for a dog until Mid-January. When my mum and I returned to the SPCA and once again, there were no small dog. Snarf Snarf.

But, this time I had a plan and we returned the next day early and we had even started looking at dogs with a woman who was there looking for her own dog. At the end, I found a Chihuahua and it turns out that he came in with a brother. So, I mentioned the brother to the woman and she adopted him. His name was Larry and I adopted Chuck.

I left so happy and Chuck was on his way to being neutered. I excitedly returned Friday to bring him home. When I got back to the shelter, I was told that he had extreme heart problems so I had to make the decision to not adopt him. I started crying and was really upset, but I was determined to leave with a dog!

So, again I hurried down the hallways of dogs and ran into a skinny Whippet/Terrier and I asked about him. He was available to be adopted. I did the paperwork quickly as it was late (6:30pm) and I took my new son home. On the way to the car, I snapped our first selfie and sent it to my sister. Then my nephew said “that’s Pumpkin.” Who would have thunk it! It was the same dog named “Pumpkin” from December. It turns out that he was adopted and then his new owner died within two weeks and the son put the dog on the street. A couple of weeks later the dog was returned to the shelter and we found each other there!

Turns out that Jack loves to ride in the car with me showing properties. He is a real estate dog! Now that I mentioned real estate, I liken his story to what I do. He has truly changed my life and I know we are meant to heal each. In my career of real estate, I shudder when someone calls me a salesperson. I am not. I have the pleasure of helping the lives of clients from buying a first home or selling and moving out of the area. If we can help, please let us know. -Horacio + Jack (woof)